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Author Interview: SE Anderson

If fun space opera with a side of real science is your cup of tea, (and let’s be real, if you’re here, it probably is!) you’ll enjoy the Starstruck saga by SE Anderson. These books are fun page-turners with action, twists and turns, and lots of mysteries along the way. I’ve had the honor of interviewing author SE Anderson about this awesome saga!

-How long have you been writing about Sally and Zander?

It’s weird to think it’s going to be coming up on ten years now. Their first adventure was written in 2010! It was part of a fun project between a friend and I, and the characters came to life right then and there. It’s surreal to think they’ve been living in my head for a decade now,

-A decade of character development, and it shows! Now, Earthstuck is the sixth book in this saga, do you have a final installation planned, or will Sally and Zander’s adventures continue indefinitely?

The saga will reach its conclusion in book 10. As much as I’d love to write about them forever, I see a nice clean end to their arc and growth. This doesn’t mean I won’t write more in this world, but Sally and Zander will be able to finally take a break!

Blayde, though… who knows what she’ll be up to.

-Blayde’s a wild card, I hope she has some adventures of her own some day! You share a lot of art and fanart for the Starstruck saga. Do you have a favorite piece?

Impossible to choose! I love how devoted my wonderful fans are, and the art they create takes my breath away. I think, if I had to choose, it would be Cora Corigall’s saintly painting of Derzan.

-Art is such a wonderful compliment to a story, and you design your own stunning covers! What came first, the cover design or the writing?

The writing! I learned design after winning my first Nanowrimo and having the free paperback as a prize. I needed a cover for my book, so… I taught myself how to design. I had so much fun I turned it into a small business!

-NaNoWriMo is my favorite season, honestly! It’s so cool to know how many successful authors like you started there. What are you hoping audiences get out of your books?

All in all, just a fun time. While Sally goes through a lot of growth in each book, I don’t expect her story to resonate with every reader, even if I hope it does. Really I just want my readers to be able to have a few hours away from this crazy world and spend it in one which is, impossibly, more chaotic.

And that’s what entertainment is all about! Thank you so much, it’s really been a pleasure learning more about this wonderful saga!

You can find the Starstruck series published by Bolide here:

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