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The Audacity

Book One

Rocket racing can be deadly, but working in food service is worse.


May’s humdrum life is flung into hyperdrive when she’s abducted, but not all aliens are out to probe her.  She’s inadvertently rescued by Xan, an “I Love Lucy” obsessed alien with the orangest rocket ship in the universe. 

But you still have to eat in space, and rocket racing is a quick, if life-threatening, way to make a living. 

Finally, May has a career she loves and a friend to share her winnings with. Until a Chaos goddess possessing Xan’s ex decides to start a cult on Earth and threatens to turn the planet into her den of destruction. The Audacity is the only ship fast enough to stop her, but May’s no hero. She doesn’t even particularly like Earth. 

Are we screwed? (Trigger Warnings)

Book 1
Book 2
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The Audacity 2

Time Warp

May’s career as an interstellar rocket racer is just ramping up.


She’s got a stunning ship, her best friend Xan for a co-pilot, and a rocket-full of winnings. But obscenely good luck can’t last forever, and May has been racing in a stolen ship.


When Xan’s arrested by a tea-sipping, goddess-possessed pink robot for a crime he can’t bring himself to explain without baking analogies, May’s career is over.


With the help of an adventure biologist and her freshly un-dead girlfriend, May and Xan must find a way to change the past before the goddess of Chaos squashes everything May loves. 

(Trigger warnings)

Book 3

The Audacity 3

Be Kind, Rewind

When the chips are down, two unlikely heroes must learn to just give up already. 


May and Xan are stranded in the city of Not-Tuhnt without the Audacity, and May can’t let it go, but when Xan and Aimz succumb to the Carmnian Scourge, an inhibition-eating brain fungus, May has a new problem to fixate on.


May must seek the help of old friends, enemies, Xan’s horrible aunt, and a haunted Big Mouth Billy Bass to invent a cure before Xan and Aimz go feral and someone breaks open the Universe-ending Piñata. 

(Trigger warnings)

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