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Book Review: Duckett & Dyer 2, The One-Hundred Percent Solution

Humor flavors: Quipy banter between characters and absolute weirdness! A kind of ultra-realism that's nearly surreal at times.

Writing style: 4/5

Story tightness: 5/5

Character likability: 5/5

I’ll be honest, I used to compare this series to Douglas Adam’s Dirk Gently series and I can no longer make that comparison because this series is, frankly, better. GM Nair swipes the cleverness of Douglas Adams but far surpasses him in terms of character development, pacing and plotting, in my mind. 

Stephanie is an absolute treasure and seems at once a parody of “manic pixie dream girl” AND “mad scientist” archetypes, creating my new favorite archetype: "manic pixie mad scientist bisexual” and I cannot get enough of her energy. 

If I have one note, it's that there are some occasional editing errors, such as commas used in the wrong places. But honestly, it's such a little thing it was easy to overlook! And really, honestly, commas are tough. If I have TWO notes, the second might be that some chapters seem like there was a lot more effort put into them than others.

If you like having fun and solving mysteries, this series is going to be your new favorite! 

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