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Climb aboard
The Audacity.

May loves racing the Audacity, the most obnoxiously orange rocket in the universe. Her best friend and co-pilot Xan would rather watch "I Love Lucy" on the couch.


Both their plans are constantly thwarted by an immortal, body-hopping being who calls herself Chaos.

May June July The Audacity Loup
Xan The Audacity Loup

Tarot in Space

Cosmic Zen

Eight years in the making. A deck for everyone who feels a little alien.

Successfully funded on Kickstarter!

- 78 holographic edged cards

- Full color guidebook

- Collector's box

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The Audacity's Horrific Horrors


An Audacious Short Story

May insists on visiting an abandoned carnival on a distant asteroid, but when she and Xan get there, they find it abandoned. Keen for an adventure, May breaks in to explore, which is exactly what the remains of the carnival staff want.

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Author Bio

Carmen Loup is a non-binary humorologist, illustrator of "Tarot in Space", and author of "The Audacity" space opera novel and comic series. They've been writing seriously since 2007 and funnily since 2015. Loup's work is inspired by Douglas Adams, Kurt Vonnegut, Ram Dass, and Alan Watts.

They own Cosmic Corner, a spiritual supply and education center in Savannah, GA where they teach Yoga, Meditation, and Tarot classes. Book an online Tarot or Akashic Records reading, or one-on-one Tarot training with them at the link below.

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