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The Audacity.

Quirky retro sci-fi whimsy with a hell of a lot more genders to enjoy; The Audacity is often hilarious, occasionally heartfelt, and always a blast. 


May races the most obnoxiously orange rocket ship in the galaxy with her co-pilot Xan, an alien who’d rather lounge on the couch and watch “I Love Lucy”.

Tarot in Space

A limited edition retro sci-fi inspired Tarot deck which utilizes color symbology and story telling to create a universe of depth and beauty. 

- 78 holographic edged cards

- Full color guidebook

- Collector's box


The Audacity's Horrific Horrors


An Audacious Short Story

May insists on visiting an abandoned carnival on a distant asteroid, but when she and Xan get there, they find it abandoned. Keen for an adventure, May breaks in to explore, which is exactly what the remains of the carnival staff want.


Author Bio

Carmen Loup is a non-binary humorologist, illustrator of "Tarot in Space", and author of "The Audacity" space opera series. They've been writing seriously since 2007 and funnily since 2015. Loup grew up on Monty Python, Douglas Adams, and Red Dwarf, but always wondered why only straight white men were making people laugh and endeavored to change that.


They write technicolor fun in space for adults with a dedication to optimism and good humor that shines through even ridiculously horrible situations. 

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